The blogs our readers have submitted as resources that help them as IT leaders.

We recently reached out to our network of IT professionals via The Heller Report and social media and asked for help creating a list of the best digital resources for technology executives. We asked readers to send in their favorite blogs, podcasts and social media streams that help them as IT leaders.

We have been busy compiling the many recommendations we received. Earlier, we published this list of recomended twitter accounts. To follow are the blogs our readers have recommended, and the primary topics covered by each. Feel free to add to this list using the Comments section below.

Thanks for your submissions!

  Primary topics covered:
Blogs CIO role Business Technology Leadership
Harvard Business Review blog  
Technology news and information on startups
CIO Journal
by the Wall Street Journal
Startup Lessons Learned
by Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup
Heller Search Associates
CIO Career blog
ThoughtWorks Technology Radar
Technology and trends
that are shaping the future
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends
by Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, Byers
  •   •  
News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals
  •  • blogs • 
IT Leadership Decathlon blog
by Francois Estellon
Movers and Shakers
career advice, job changes and best practices from
CIOs, by Martha Heller
Tom Catalini's blog    
Oh I See, CIO Inverted blog
by Arun Gupta
SmartBrief Leadership News    
Life as a Healthcare CIO
by John Halamka
•  •   •
Beckers Health IT and CIO Review    
Inspiration, Art, Science, and Execution
Ideas worth spreading
Business Relationship Mangement Institute  
Guy Kawasaki's blog  
Daniel Pink's newsletter    
CXO Talk
Leadership, Innovation, Disruption
Beyond IT Failure
by Michael Krigsman
 •    • • 
Social, Agile, Transformation blog
by Isaac Sacolick
What's the Big Data?
by Gil Press
Farnam Street blog
multidisciplinary thinking
Transformational CIO blog 
by HMG Strategy
The Enterprisers Project
A community of CIOs discussing the future of business and IT
Forrester CIO blog  


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