Recruiting Technology Executives Nationwide Across All Industries


Heller Search is a retained executive search firm specializing in Chief Information Officers (CIO and interim CIO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and all senior information technology positions (VPs and Directors of IT) nationwide, in all industries.

Our clients include Fortune 500 as well as mid-market companies, higher education, non-profits, small businesses and high tech startups.


IT Leaders for the Digital Era

These days, every company is a technology company.  With mobile apps, social media, big data, cloud, machine learning and Internet of Things, the steady  evolution of information technology from the sidelines to the center or your business has become a fast-moving revolution.

Technology is at the heart of every organization. As a result, your technology leaders must be capable of more than supporting your business. They must be able to drive the business.

To find the IT leaders who can leverage the latest in digital to bring you closer to your customers and grow your competitive advantage, we go beyond the job description to understand key success factors such as:

  • In addition to the IT operation, what strategic business objectives will this executive drive?
  • What characteristics will the hiring committee use to assess 'cultural fit'?
  • Looking back a year from now, what will success for the person in this role look like?

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Our Four Pillars



As technology transforms every company, technology leadership roles are ever-changing. Our deep knowledge and experience in technology leadership produces better hires.



Time kills deals. Heller Search uses its rich technology leadership networks to present you with qualified candidates quickly, and keeps the search process moving.



Is your favorite candidate's spouse having second thoughts about relocating? Has she received another offer? We build trust and rapport with candidates so that you are never caught off guard.



You will never wonder, "What's happening with the search?" We are "hyper-communicative" with clients and candidates so that the search status is clear at all times.

Founded by an IT Industry Thought Leader, Martha Heller:

  • Author of Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT (2016)
  • Author of The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership (2012)
  • Founder of the CIO Executive Council (2004)
  • and CIO magazine contributor since 1999
  • Named the top influencer of U.S. CIOs in the HR category, and #2 overall 
    (Apollo Research 2016 study)
Martha Heller, IT Industry Thought Leader