The quotable CIO- 3rd collection of CIO wisdom tweeted as "CIO Quote of the Day" by Martha Heller.

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"It takes a lot of work to open the business’s eyes, but it doesn’t take a lot of money."twitter bird light bgs


"A quick 'No' is better than a slow 'Maybe'." 


"Solving data disparity is both a technical problem and a political problem." 


"Many companies have still not realized that IT is their business." 


"Having no ego is a must-have skill for a CIO." 


"I’m beyond the ERP conversation; it just has to get done." 


"When outsourcing IT, be sure to retain the owner/thinker/driver/decider roles in-house." 


"With IT, we still get it wrong as often as we get it right." 


"A half-baked strategy delivered flawlessly is better than a great strategy that is never delivered." 


"Systems do nothing than mirror the reality of the operating model." 


"The good news about my new CIO job is that I have a target rich environment." 


"You can cultivate innovation in IT people, but you can’t teach it." 


"You want your IT group to be invited to be the first meeting, not the fifth meeting.“ 


"We have been doing so much with so little for so long that we are qualified to do everything with nothing forever”.


"Don’t build the Taj Mahal, when all you need is a pine box."


"When it comes to IT, good enough is much better than perfect."


"We will never delight the end user; it’s a no-win."


If you have any bon mots of your own, please include them in the comments section below. I’d love to continue growing our collection.

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