The IT Talent Hunger Games CIO panel at CIO Perspectives conference, Boston, moderated by Martha Heller.

Computer science enrollments are at an all-time low. Your baby-boomer workers are retiring and taking their legacy knowledge with them. Silicon Valley is hot again and start-ups are going after the best technologists. Is your recruiting organization positioned to win this latest war on talent? Are you making the most of the talent that you have? Most importantly: Are you developing “blended executives,” or IT leaders with a balanced mix of technology and business skills?

These are the difficult questions I confront my CIO panelists with in a segment we call "Surviving the IT Talent Hunger Games" held at select CIO Perspectives conferences.  The next Hunger Games panel will be at CIO Perspectives in Los Angeles on December 11.

Here is a video clip from the Boston panel earlier this year.

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