The changing political landscape may open up IT job opportunities in new industries, according to career coach, Lisa Rangel.

I read a recent Financial Times article titled, “Gun stocks pack less heat since Trump’s election.” The article reported that since gun owners are no longer afraid of legislation limiting their ability to buy guns after Mr. Trump’s election, gun sales have actually dropped.

Ironically, gun sales were far higher under the Barack Obama administration, since gun owners, fearful of legislation limiting their ability to purchase guns, stocked up on firearms and ammunition.

What’s the lesson?

For the previous eight years, fear had created opportunity. Now, a reduction in that fear actually may hinder the gun industry’s performance, meaning some people in the firearms business might need to dust off their resumes.

Are you in an industry where your job can be adversely affected by the change in the world?

Or, to take the “glass half full” approach, are you in an industry that could expand and grow because of the fear arising from upcoming changes? What about adjacent or completely different industries that are interesting to you, that may now present job opportunities due to anticipated growth?

To be clear, this isn’t a political post. You may be happy or sad about the changes coming in the world. What I am urging you to do is look for the career threats and opportunities that may come with change, and to be ready for them.

Non-Profit Sector Growth

Many IT executives and other professionals harbor a career dream of working in the non-profit sector; to be able to participate every day in a cause they care deeply about; to be part of the solution. However, the realities of non-profit compensation have meant that for most people, the non-profit career dream forever remains just that – a dream.

According to a Washington Post article late last year titled, “Unprecedented in our history: Trump’s election inspired millions of nonprofit donations,” people who are afraid of what the future holds are funneling millions into non-profits that previously scrambled for donations.

As with the gun industry from 2009 – 2016, fear is creating opportunity yet again.

Many non-profits may now be flush with more cash than ever before, with new energy and momentum, and in need of new hands-on-deck for the cause. Now may be the best time you will ever see to follow that dream and shift your career to the non-profit sector.

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IT Leadership Job Opportunities in Other Industries

Some believe that new opportunities can now be found in the construction, oil and healthcare sectors under the new White House. A surge of activity and investment in these industries could make it a great time to transition into these fields.

How can you be ready for the threats or opportunities that change throws your way? Here is a short to-do list to start this week:

  • Have that resume ready, itemizing your victories so when fear…er, I mean, opportunity strikes, you will be ready! You can see my resume writing tips at
  • Reach out to individuals in your network that you have not spoken with in a while. See what projects they are working on and how you may be able to help them with advice, connections, and so on.
  • Commit to attending an IT leadership convention and take the extra step to lead an educational session.
  • Put yourself out there and help others ponder their own career situations and aspirations.

You won’t regret starting to do the items on this list. These are few actions that can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your profession, industry and economic climate. 

Change always brings about opportunities for professionals who are prepared. Let’s have that be you.

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