CIO Quotes of the Day - our latest roundup of the bon mots we hear from leading CIOs.


"CIOs are defined by the kinds of problems we are asked to solve."


"Just as we strive to make technology easy to use, we must also make our communications easy to use."


"CIO is a rounded business executive role. In my view, it's no different from a GM role."


"The more people who look at the data, the better the data gets."


twitter-bird-light-bgs_3"Some CIOs are so protective of their current infrastructure, that they are their own worst enemy."


"Keep putting new technologies over old processes and all you get is more expensive technology."


"To explore and learn about social media, you need to wade into it without knowing what the end game is.”


"Don’t worry...when the reporting structure is changing. The best orgs are always reinventing themselves."


"With collaborative technology, we no longer go to work; work is now a state of mind."


"IT leadership is like curling; you can wave the broom in front of it but you can’t really touch it."


"We’ve got 12,000 CIOs in my company, because everyone has a router at home."


"Disparate systems have a direct impact on the way employees think about their jobs."


"Vendors should be more open. I understand you want to talk about me, but what about you? Where are you going?"


As CIO, the paradox of being responsible for operations while looking ahead occupies a tremendous amount of my brain space."


"If your organization can't provide you the tools to broaden your horizons, be bold enough to find those experiences elsewhere."


“It is quite startling how few CIOs have taken steps to reinvent themselves within their business.”


"IT folks tend to be gatherers, and the business people we serve are hunters."


"Collaboration is not a process, it's a behavior."


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