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Annotated e-books and guides designed to help you build job descriptions, and interview and hire the strongest technology executives.


Download to learn the responsibilities and qualifications for the modern Chief Information Officer, and produce your customized CIO job description. (Updated June 2022)

CIO Interview Guide

How do you interview a CIO, a role that involves a unique combination of leadership, vision, business acumen, and technology depth? Here are questions to ask CIO candidates during a job interview (and what to listen for in their answers).

Enterprise Architect

This resource helps CIOs and their HR and talent acquisition partners produce an accurate profile of the executive so important to companies in need of a flexible, adaptable, and increasingly cloud-based technology platform.


Use this eBook to produce a profile of a CISO who possesses the technical, leadership and communications skills to lead information security today.

VP, IT Infrastructure

A job description template for the IT infrastructure and operations professional with the technical, innovation and leadership skills that CIOs need on their teams.

VP of App Dev

Created to help CIOs, HR and talent acquisition professionals write a description of the technical and leadership skills required in their head of application development.


Created in partnership with BRM Institute, the IT BRM job description is a profile of the executive playing a critical role in the convergence of IT and business

Finding Your Next Great CIO Job

Finding Your Next Great CIO Job

Whether you're pursuing your first CIO job or looking for your next IT leadership challenge, this e-book is designed to get you started, with tips for every stage of the job search process.